830 Wooden facades for the future - components and systems

Published: 28 August 2012

The project aims to gather information and data to make decisions about the future facade systems in wood, especially for multi-storey wooden buildings.

Area: Durability of wood
Budget: 265 000kr
Duration: January - March 2012
Project Manager: Karin Sandberg, SP Wood


Wood has been used for cladding for hundreds of years and there are many old buildings with well-functioning wooden facades. Facade boards have traditionally been built in such a way that the wood has become wet, it could dry out as quickly as possible and any damaged parts ca be replaced in a simple manner. The details of the wooden facades and assembly of boards have changed from the traditional. Constructive wood that was previously a matter of course with large eaves and high grounds, has given way to the new architecture and rational construction methods. Traditional colors such as mud colors and linseed oil, have been replaced by different types of water-based topcoats. The facade of a building originally had three functions: to protect the bearing structure, dense and beautify.

In recent years, facings of wood started to be used in multi-storey buildings, which places different demands on facade panel compared to a bungalow which need not consider fire conditions in the same way (Östman 2002). In addition, one wishes that the time between maintenance operations will be as long as possible, montage rational and facade should be aesthetically pleasing for the whole period between maintenance intervals.

Previously, wooden facades often assembled at the construction site and the contractor has purchased and put
together the material needed to get a finished facade. To get a more rational and more
cost effective façade solutions need holistic solutions where manufacturers are providing
cladding materials, fixing materials and technical competence.

Especially in larger buildings are requests for sustainable facade system that is easy to install and maintain. For the longer term, developing a facade system is therefore needed data gathering and compilation of including existing systems, establish customer category, estimates of market size and affordability. In order to achieve a system with high quality requires a number of factors are met current system as well as the materials. The system shall include the following requirements
- Cost-effective, relevant materials, installation and maintenance
- Adaptable to underlying structures, existing geometry and architecture
- Resist weather and impact resistance
- Achieve the intended life

Aims and objectives

The project aims to gather information and data to make decisions about the future facade systems in wood, especially for multi-storey wooden buildings.
- Target 1 is an inventory of the existing façade systems as well as the materials and methods
a future façade systems.
- Target 2 aims to provide a basis for future work and a new application based on the
information obtained in Part 1.

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Final Report

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