TräCentrum North Vision

Published: 7 March 2013

Wood Centre North Fair vision is that through new / advanced processes, products and services make it possible for the regional and the national Swedish wood industry to increase value added, increase efficiency, achieve greater competitiveness and thereby boost growth in the sector for the benefit of both companies and the industry as a the whole community. To realize the above vision has TCN following strategies.

  • Deeper cooperation between research (academia and research institutes) and industry (process owners, equipment suppliers and knowledge companies) to achieve the goal of creating a strong R & D activities.
  • Advancing TCN as innovation networks towards greater creativity and development force.
  • R & D activities focus on industry-driven, needs-oriented implementation projects with strong application focus.
  • Generate new ideas and solutions to problems and to contribute to synergies between the companies.
  • Improved training and recruitment for the wood sector.
  • Increased staff mobility between industry and R & D.


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