Agricola Research Centre

Multi-component Mineral Systems (ARC-MMS) is a research programme in mineral particle science and technology.

Interface science for development of new surface related mineral processing technologies
Agricola Research Centre (ARC) started as a six year research programme in the year 2001 through financing from the mining industry and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).  

The success with ARC led to the establishment of Agricola Research Centre-Multicomponent Mineral Systems (ARC-MMS) in the year 2008, financed by the mining industry and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Planning and Coordination of Research (Vinnova).

ARC-MMS programme coordinator:  Prof. O. N. Antzutkin

Financing 14.6 Mkr  

VINNOVA: 7.3 Mkr (50%)
Boliden AB: 2.8Mkr (19.2 %)
Lundin Mining: 2.0 Mkr (13.7 %)
LKAB: 2.5 Mkr (17.1 %)

The main theme binding the three sub-projects together in one research programme:

Mineral-aqueous interface chemistry and affinities within multi-component mineral systems.
The mineral particle surface properties in a processing context.  
Research programme areas:  

1) Recycling of process  water and influence of its chemistry
on sulphide flotation and flotation selectivity

Research coordinator: Prof. H. Rao

2) Molecular scale approach towards dithiophosphate (DTP) behaviour on sulphide minerals

Research coordinator: Dr A.C. Larsson

3) To supply a new type of 3-D data for water, air bubbles, flotation reagents and particles in wet iron ore pellets. Remedies for air-bubble inclusion.

Research coordinator: Prof. J. Hedlund  
The programme has an industrial vision, that it should facilitate  

  • Fundamental knowledge
  • Process understanding
  • Process modelling
  • Process control

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Professor Oleg Antzutkin


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Publicerad: 25 februari 2011


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