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Karl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology
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5G can be useful in healthcare

Published: 5 December 2019

5G can facilitate the use of new technologies in the elderly care and health care sectors. – It can be anything from connected shower robots to advanced alarm and monitoring functions, says Karl Andersson, Associate Professor and Executive Director at the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology that coordinates the 5G activities at Luleå University of Technology.

The university's 5G test bed was inaugurated in June this year. Since then, several tests have been carried out. Tests have been done with traditional apps and services, but also with physical artifacts. Recently, two workshops were also held, one in Luleå and one in Skellefteå, both of which resulted in concrete plans for greater participation from small and medium-sized enterprises.

– We have also initiated a collaboration with the University of Oulu. The idea is that our two existing 5G test beds, one in Sweden and one in Finland, will be connected to an integrated test bed, says Karl Andersson.

Great opportunities in healthcare

In the near future, the 5G activities will probably be extended to the healthcare sector. Together with Region Norrbotten and Övertorneå, Luleå and Skellefteå municipalities, Luleå University of Technology wants to implement a project focusing on healthcare and 5G.

– 5G offers many opportunities for elderly care and healthcare. It can be anything from connected shower robots to advanced alarm and monitoring functions, says Karl Andersson.

Allowing small and medium-sized enterprises, authorities and researchers to test 5G in real environments is the very purpose of the 5G test bed at Luleå University of Technology.

– We are convinced that our test bed can help to facilitate innovation and technology development for the future's connected society. Our hope is, of course, that even more companies and other actors will see the opportunities and the positive effects of working with us in the academy, says Karl Andersson.


Karl Andersson

Karl Andersson, Professor, Dean

Phone: +46 (0)910 585364
Organisation: Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Distance- Spanning Technology, Digital Services and Systems, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering