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Photo: Katarina Karlsson
Evelina Brännvall, Specialist external funding at Luleå University of Technology Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

She leads European Association of Research Managers and Administrators

Published: 11 October 2021

Evelina Brännvall, Specialist external funding at Grants Office, Luleå University of Technology has been elected new Chair of EARMA, the largest European network for research support, with over 170 universities affiliated.

– It is fantastic and I´m so happy with this great confidence in me. I have been a board member for four years, before I was now elected as a Chair. EARMA represents research managers and administrators to various stakeholders, EU institutions and sister associations, something that strengthens our members’ position in European Research Area, Evelina Brännvall, says.

Information exchange and networking opportunities

EARMA, the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators, facilitates best practice and information exchange as well as networking opportunities for junior and senior research managers and administrators. The largest flagship of EARMA is its Annual Conference that is organised in different European countries each year. Luleå University of Technology has been a host for the 22nd EARMA Annual Conference in Luleå, 2016. More than 675 participants from all over the world has come to Luleå. People still remember that sun never went down during the conference, says Evelina.

The profession is gaining in demand and importance

Professional support in the process of applying for research funding is very important in the United States, where the profession has been recognized for more than 65 years and where there is an extensive network of professional activities. In Europe it is also gaining in demand and importance. Application requirements for research funding, have become higher.

– EARMA has also become important to researchers, to use association as a partner or as a part in advisory board in a project. The European Commission is of the opinion, that EARMA is an important part of a research project where it is relevant. EARMA prepares policy papers to help shape the Research and Innovation programme, which I would like to see even more often during my chairpersonship, Evelina Brännvall, says.

– As a Chair of EARMA, I´ll work to make our profession more recognized. Today there is a huge difference in how you look upon our profession in Europe. In countries, where researchers aren´t provided this support at the university, the risk is, the applications are of a low standard, alternatively the researchers have to pay consultants to assist them. The researchers at Luleå University if Technology, who turn to the Grants Office at Luleå University of Technology, on the other hand, get the help for free, Evelina Brännvall says.

More than 40 countries are part of the EARMA network

More than 2,500 people from more than 40 countries are part of the EARMA network and is represented at universities in many countries in Europe, but not all just yet. Among other things, EARMA aims to:

  • Facilitating best practice and information exchange through numerous events and workshops
  • Providing professional development training and certification for Early state Research Administrators, Research Managers and Leaders in Research Management.
  • Promoting research management and administration as a profession.
  • Representing research managers and administrators to the stakeholders and the EU institutions by drafting policy papers
  • EARMA engages in dialogue with EU institutions by e.g. inviting European Commission Speakers to EARMA events.