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Gender Contact Point
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New profile

Published: 7 June 2019

Gender Contact Point takes the next step and launches a new graphic profile. Since the start, we have created a large number of new relationships, innovative collaboration opportunities and meetings between academia, industry and society. Our network of the university's gender researchers and researchers with a gender equality perspective continues to grow.

The annual Gender Contact Point Day has been established and the university’s latest initiative Gender Smart Arena, which together with researchers and companies develops gender-aware business and organisational models, now also includes municipality actors in both Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Thanks to our partners’ networks and ongoing activities, collaborations are conducted and made possible not only locally and regionally, but also nationally and internationally.

Our new profile is characterized by and consolidates the relationship with the university's existing strong brand. The Gender Contact Point’s logo is now linked to the university's logo and the point in our logo plays a role in the simplicity of the project's identity.

Gender Contact Point is established to strengthen collaboration with the surrounding society and we want to make the results of gender research available to all actors who are interested in gender, gender equality and gender mainstreaming.