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CDT Paula Wennberg
Paula Wennberg at Luleå University of Technology.

New project examines gender equality in IT sector

Published: 14 February 2013

Three million swedish crowns has been granted to a project at Luleå University of Technology to examine how it is possible to achieve greater gender equality in the IT-sector.

Project manager Paula Wennberg at the Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology at Luleå University of Technology and professor  Ylva Fältholm have been granted 360 000 euro from EU's Seventh Framework Programme for the project Genovate "Transforming organizational culture for gender in research and innovation."

The project aims to increase the proportion of women in senior academic positions at the university and in the technology and IT in particular. And to increase awareness of the benefits of equality and diversity perspective of innovation systems. LTU is part of a consortium of seven European partners. The project is coordinated by the University of Bradford in the UK.

The total budget for the project is 3,2 million euros between the years 2013-2016.