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Stereotypes control grant decisions

Published: 20 February 2017

A large study of Lulea scientists shows that the distribution of grants is governed by stereotypes about men and women.

- Despite the fact that statistics show that differences in potential, risk awareness, ability to pay etc do not exist, men are beeing judged to have greater potential as innovators and entrepreneurs than women, says researcher Jeaneth Johansson, at Luleå University of Technology. .

She means that financiers must work with their assessment processes. Who makes the decisions,  what kind of words are beeing used  in call texts and what stereotypes affects the people takning the decisions, are examples of things that are important to make visible for financiers. Many of them now show  a great interest in new tools and new inclusive business models that are the result of the research from Luleå University of Technology.

Besides Jeaneth Johansson and fellow researcher Malin Malmström PhDstudent Aija Voitkane works in the research project. Major financiers as VINNOVA, Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council are among the financiers who now trains its officers to tackle the differences in how grant applications are assessed. Business offices in Norrbotten and the Norwegian forest industry  are others who have taken part of the research results.