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Andreas Nilsson
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"It is only natural for us to participate"

Published: 25 February 2020

Andreas Nilsson is CTO at Tromb.

Who would you recommend to participate in the Gender Contact Point Day?

- The Gender Contact Point Day is incredibly interesting as it literally provides a contact point for researchers on gender and equality, businesses and organisations. These businesses and organisations have a unique opportunity to implement the university’s research results in practice. If businesses are looking to create more inclusive and thereby more profitable business models, it is obvious that they should participate.

How does your organisation integrate equality into your daily operations and what results can you see?

- Tromb has a clear vision to employ an equal number of women and men, and we work hard to achieve this, both when it comes to company culture and recruitment. As an example, the recruitment process that we have developed alongside Luleå University of Technology has led to a number of successful recruitments over the last year, which is great! This is especially clear in our newly established subsidiary Substorm, where 50 percent of the employees are women.

The annual Gender Contact Point Day gathers researchers, businesses, public authorities and other stakeholders interested in equality integration and organisational development. Here, you will learn more about recent knowledge developments at the university, in the field of gender studies, equality and innovation. Those of you who are researchers gain insight into the conditions and needs for development within organisations. Become inspired and develop your network. Read more about the Gender Contact Point collaboration platform on our website

This year’s theme is inclusive business and organisational development.