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Jeaneth Johansson
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Seminar on smarter business models

Published: 30 September 2019

Jeaneth Johansson, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, held a seminar on smarter, more sustainable business models.

Jeaneth Johansson talked about which structures exist on and beneath the surface of a business’ efforts to develop business models, and how conscious business models can be created, generating awareness of and contributing to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Business models not only concern how a company charges for their services. It is a wider logic, governing how the company does business. It’s about activities being carried out and resources being put to use (or not), in generating sustainable business.

Sustainability is a matter of financial sustainability; of survival, but also of being able to practice innovation, and to grow. Sustainability is also a matter of social sustainability, ensuring that social responsibility is taken, and inclusive, gender-aware business models are part of this. Environmental sustainability is also a key part of a company’s business logic.

The seminar was a joint effort between the projecta Gender Smart Arena and SSIO-Sociatal development through Secure IoT and Open Data as well as Dataföreningen Skellefteå and the Skellefteå Digital Alliance, and it was held at Campus Skellefteå.