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AI could predict trust

Published: 27 August 2021

Researchers at Luleå University of Technology will, together with the company Substorm, investigate whether it is possible with the help of AI to increase trust in digital communication channels.

Predict, analyze and improve trust
In today's society, communication and conversations have largely been moved to digital channels. These are often short messages such as emails, chats or tweets.

Before we trust a person or an organization, we make both conscious and unconscious assessments based on personal criteria and experiences. But much of this assessment is done through non-verbal communication during physical meetings. What then does it look like when trust is to a greater extent to be built via shorter text messages via digital meetings instead of through human meetings?

By collaborating with Luleå University of Technology, the company Substorm hopes to discover ways in which AI can be used to predict, analyze and improve trust in digital communication channels based on text. The company has been ranked as one of Sweden's most innovative AI companies. They were founded in Luleå in 2019 and their business spans areas such as intelligent automation, robotics and machine learning.

Model must detect changes and intervene
Niklas Karvonen, CTO at Substorm, participates in the project. He says:
- Trust is an important factor in our everyday lives. Before a person decides that they can trust someone or an organization, an assessment is made based on a number of criteria. Communication is a central part of building trust, and a large part of human communication is non-verbal.

The aim of the work is to develop a model that will be able to predict what trust a person or an organization will receive and see if it is possible to predict a possible change in trust over time. This would also make it possible to intervene when confidence in a communications partner declines.

AI is crucial to achieving a sustainable and equal world
Norrbotten is growing strongly and the need for competence in AI and machine learning is increasing in the region. Both Luleå University of Technology and Substorm have built strong teams in the area, and also managed to balance the distribution of men and women in a good way.

Substorm, founded by Sofi Elfving and digital business development consultants Tromb, is convinced that AI will be crucial to achieving a sustainable world. Hiring 50/50 women and men is not something they compromise on or strive for, it is simply a must. This means that the company works hard to find expertise in forums, organizations and networks where they know that there is a high degree of women and non-binary people, such as Women in AI Sweden and Women in RPA. They also work with role modeling, which means that women have key management and technical positions to attract more people.

Technology knowledge must improve society
Niklas Karvonen believes that it is important for them to work ethically and sustainably. He says:
- We are happy to get involved in projects where we see that our technical knowledge in e.g. deep learning can be used for a better society, e.g. the research project NoBias for non-exclusive communication, or AboutMom which is building an app for better postpartum care.

The work, which takes place within the framework of the AI ​​project Applied AI DIH North, is in line with these goals. They also give them opportunities to further strengthen ties with the university, where they already collaborate through degree projects, and as part of project courses.

More about the AI ​​project
The Applied AI DIH North project aims to create a strong innovation system for growth in the AI ​​industry, a Digital Innovation Hub as a base, in collaboration, research, innovation, applied test-driven development, education and cluster formation. The project is funded by the EU Regional Development Fund, Luleå University of Technology, Luleå Municipality, Skellefteå Municipality and the Norrbotten Region.
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