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agio AI
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The company Agio collaborates with AI project

Published: 2 December 2020

The company Agio is first out as the project AI DIH North's partner company with the aim of developing a framework that supports and guides organizations in their data-driven decision-making processes.

Despite the growing amount of data, tools and insights, decision makers still do not fully utilize the power of current technologies for Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To do this requires, among other things, defined guidelines and processes in the area.

From data to more efficient decision making
Agio is a consulting company founded in 2003 in the business area data-driven organizations and digitization. They help organizations such as public authorities to implement digital solutions to use their data for more efficient decision-making. A key problem for them and their customers is to become data-driven in their decision-making processes and to establish a data-driven culture. Instead of focusing on actual decision-making, organizations tend to focus on technology and be technically driven rather than value- and solution-oriented.

Develop frameworks for data-driven decision-making processes
The purpose of the research collaboration with Luleå University of Technology's AI project Applied AI DIH North is to develop a framework that supports and guides organizations in their data-driven decision-making processes. Such a framework helps consultants to identify appropriate analytical solutions to given analytics and computer science problems in an efficient manner. This will be done by building a prototype that helps users identify this type of solution.

Expected result
Manne Berg at Agio hopes that the results of the research project will strengthen their market position and value proposition.

Manne says: "We believe that the collaboration with Luleå University of Technology will develop our partnership with national and global IT companies and the relationship with our suppliers. In addition, the competence among the consulting group will be improved and lead to higher quality of our deliveries. It feels great!"