NEC Pressrelease

Global IT company NEC collaborate with LTU

Published: 18 January 2013

The NEC Corporation, a global Japanese company in the IT and electronics sector, have begun experiments with a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT), and Skellefteå Kraft as part of Skellefteå's “Sense Smart City Project ".

Sense Smart City aims to make Skellefteå a connected city with sensors that measure, monitor, communicate and allocates resources such as electricity, water, transport and waste to areas where it is needed.

- NEC has chosen to cooperate with us for several reasons. One is because LTU's research in mobile systems and distributed computing systems are successful and we are good at what we do. Another reason is that Skellefteå is in the forefront of technologies that find new solutions for smart residential planning, says Jan Pettersson, project manager for Sense Smart City Project at CDT.

The tests will measure the total energy consumed by a number of individual households and selected appliances until May 2013 in Skellefteå municipality. NEC uses its intelligent home gateway product for the collection of information consumption, the user interface for visualization, and their Android tablet "Cloud Communicator LT-B."

- It involves primarily the measure the energy consumption of various items of equipment in the home for the long term control and influence consumption but also affect the behavior to control consumption.

NEC will utilize the technical and sociological experience of this attempt to promote its Smart City vision and to provide a variety of services and applications for a wide range of industries. The collected data on energy consumption and the impact of the web based application on home owners behavior will be analyzed for future cooperation and business opportunities with Skellefteå Municipality and Skellefteå Kraft.

- We started in early november. So far, we have no results. Pilot trials are underway. Our hope is that the experiments will prove that our research can be applied in this type of smart products and that it will be used in our future homes, says Jan Pettersson, project manager for Sense Smart City Project at CDT.