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Short and concrete about Artificial Intelligence

Published: 21 February 2019

Artificial intelligence is something that is increasingly affecting business and social functions. Many believe that within a handful of years, AI will create sharply changed business models, decision-making, working methods and processes. But what happens locally and how do you get started working with AI? These were some of the questions that were raised during the technology breakfast that took place in Skellefteå on February 19 at The Great Northern.

During the meeting, four actors in the area were invited to talk about what is going on in the Artificial Intelligence area. One of the speakers was Marcus Liwicki, professor in machine learning at Luleå University of Technology. Marcus talked about "The world's greatest chatbot" and the technology behind chatbot solutions.

Micke Eriksson, CEO of Skellefteå company BI-Nordic, talked about AI-based quality improvements in communication networks and how machine learning is used by the company today.

The participants also received information from Thomas Kvist about the support that both companies and private individuals can get via a new project that Region Västerbotten runs where the work on AI solutions should be stimulated. The project is called Data in the Sustainable Society (DIHS).

Finally, Michael Carlberg told Lax from Skellefteå municipality how to prepare as an organization for utilizing the potential of AI. Among other things, it was raised that AI is based on large amounts of data and if one in their organization wants to start preparing to work with AI then the first step is to start, partly to collect data and partly to collect this data in a correct way which ensures that it will actually be used.

At the meeting 110 people participated, which was a good rating for the arranged parties; Luleå University of Technology and its two projects Datacenter Innovation Region and SSiO as well as Skellefteå municipality, Region Västerbotten and Skellefteå Digital Alliance.