Crowdsourcing research questionnaire

Published: 19 September 2014

Share your view on participating in crowdsourcing research by taking this 3min questionnaire.

IoT Lab is a European Research project which aims at researching the potential of crowdsourcing to extend IoT testbed infrastructure for multidisciplinary experiments with more end-user interactions.

It address topics such as:

- Crowdsourcing mechanisms and tools

- “Crowdsourcing-driven research”

- Virtualization of crowdsourcing and testbeds

- Ubiquitous Interconnection and Cloudification of testbeds

- Testbed as a Service platform

- Multidisciplinary experiments

- End-user and societal value creation

IoT lab intends to explore "Crowdsourcing-driven research" as a new model in which the research can be initiated, guided and assessed by the crowd. It will compare it to other models. 

In our work with this, we are now asking you to share your view on participating in crowdsourcing research. It would be great if you therefore would taking this 3min questionnaire at