Anna Ståhlbröst på eSociety

People can accept audio-monitoring if a security purpose

Published: 1 March 2014

The results from the EAR-IT user study was today presented by Anna Ståhlbröst, Social Informatcs, at the eSociety conference in Madrid. Results from the investigation with 1000 individuals in 5 countries shows people being concerned on a more general level regarding audio-monitoring but when used in out-door environments for security and safety most people (65,1%) are positve.

EAR-IT is an ongoing research project focused on intelligent acoustics for smart solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. In addition to the technical challenges with intelligent sound there is another even more important aspect - personal integrity from legislation and regulations but also as a more subjective aspect - people's experience and perception of using audio-monitoring.

The project implement the principle of 'privacy by design', and this includes an integrated process where different user-groups are involved throughout the development-process from idea to the real-life testing. The project is now entering its final phase in which the technology is tested in reality in Santander, Spain, and indoor in Geneva.

- Results  from our user-studies can be perceived as citizens being naive when it comes to privacy, but it can also be seen as a signal to policymakes that safety is important to people and they are willing to give away some of their privacy for being more safe, says Anna Ståhlbröst who is the research-leader for the project's user studies.

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