Try the new media experience on the Internet

Published: 6 October 2014

The European COMPEIT project releases this week try-apps including video conferences where participants are mixed toward a common background (so-called green-screen)! The project is led by CDT and enhances the feeling of presence in e-meetings and joint consumption of media on the Internet - directly in the browser and on multiple screens.

The COMPEIT project is a collaboration between seven academic and industrial partners in ICT Labs. From Sweden participates Luleå University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology and Ericsson AB. The project is involved in a synergy cooperation to  make media experiences on the Internet better, for example, making it easier to to see each other in the eyes during video meetings, watch videos together and other fun and exciting things. You will also be able to, in an easy fasion, move it between your computer and you mobile phone. Remote controls can also be used to automatically control lighting and other things.

After one year's intensive work, it is now posible to try it out including video conferencing, where multiple people are cut out against a common background. You can also try out the games and other things where you simply plug in the phones to a game on the screen (eg, card games using mobile phones and the computer screen as "table"). The project seeks comments on how these prospects should work through its Experience Lab.

Link to the project:
Try: COMPEIT Experience Lab

For more information, contact:
Bengtsson, Johan - Project Manager