Enabling ICT Day

Report from the Enabling ICT Day

Published: 29 August 2014

Enabling ICT day at Vetenskapens Hus (the House of Science) in Luleå took place on 29/8, 2014. The day was attended by more than 70 individuals from both academia, the government as well as the industry. Below is a detailed program of what the day featured.

Agenda Enabling ICT Day

10.00-10.30  Welcome and Information about Enabling ICT:

·      Christer Åhlund

10.30-11.00 10 minutes presentation from  area coordinators:

·      e-Health, Carina Nilsson and Kåre Synnes

·      Data center and Cloud Computing, Tor-Björn Minde and Olov Schélen

·      Smart Regions, Annika Ståhlbröst and Christer Åhlund

11.00-12.00 Keynote presentation: 

·      VINNOVA’s approach to innovation in international ICT, Jonas Bjarne and Johan Lindberg, VINNOVA.

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.40 Presentation from e-Health-projects and activities

·      “Vardagsteknik”, Maria Larsson Lundh

·      REHSAM, Peter Michaelson

·      Kinect, Ulric Röijezon

·      DemCare, Josef Hallberg

13.40-14.20 Presentations from Smart Region projects and activities

·      SenseSmartCity and Open Data, Christer Åhlund and Pär Dinborn

·      Smart citizens and Internet of Things, Annika Sällström

14.20-14.50 Coffee

14.50-15.30 Presentations from Data center & Cloud Computing projects and activities

·      Institute for Data center R&D, Tor-Björn Minde

·      Cloudberry pilots, Olov Schelén

·      Meta Data Center, Lara Lorna Jimenez and Miguel Gomez Simon

·      Data center info monitoring and automation, Arash Mousavi

15.30-16.30 Poster/Demo session, starting with  “minutes of madness” 

·      Meta Data Center, Lara Lorna Jimenez and Miguel Gomez Simon

·      “Säkra steg”, Petra Pohl

·      “IKT stöd vid livsstilsförändring vid obesitas”, Sari-Anne Viklund Axelsson

·      CompEIT. Johan Bengtsson

·      Machine learning in district heating system energy optimization, Samuel Idowu

·      A Toolkit for Activity Data Collection for Smart-city Applications, Saguna Saguna

·      Mobility Management in Mobile Cloud Computing Systems, Karan Mitra

·     USEMP, Marita Holst

16.30-17.00 Panel discussion and Summary
In the panel was Jonas Bjarne, VINNOVA, Kåre Synes, LTU, Tor-Björn Minde, LTU/Ericsson,  Olov Schelen LTU, Anna Ståhlbröst, LTU, Annika Sällström, CDT-LTU and Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, LTU.