workshop MIKT

Discussing Smart Regions

Published: 10 June 2014

ENABLING ICT WORKSHOP -An ICT enabled society evolution.

Enabling ICT had a workshop June 10 at Kulturens hus in Luleå to discuss Enabling ICT and cross-disciplinary research and innovation initiatives and actions targeting Smart Regions. The workshop aimed to identify our regional strengths, possible activities and challenges for a sustainable growth and expansion. Topics targeted was information about on-going and planned activities in Västerbotten/Skellefteå and Norrbotten/Luleå, future directions for Enabling ICT-Smart Regions, international positioning as well as possible future funding alternatives.

During the workshop professor Christer Åhlund from LTU started by presenting Enabling ICT. Thereafter, the regional development strategy of Västerbotten was presented by Magnus Rudehäll. Also Smart Cities and Smart Regions in EU was presented by Lars Wikman from North Sweden.  Moreover, Cathrine Melby, IT Norrbotten talked about the Digital Adgenda, Ingrid Thylin from Skellefteå munipality talked about Skellefteå's development strategy and Per Dinborn, also from Skellefteå municipality talked about Open data. Finally Håkan Wiklund from Luleå municipality talked about the Luleå's development strategy.