Winner of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Published: 10 November 2014

50-100 people were invited to test an app for mobile security. The test consisted of a few tasks to test the functionality of the app, and then a number of questions focused on evaluation of the functions. Those who completed the entire test could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.


The purpose of the test was to evaluate features in a new security app to furhter develop and improve it before placing it on the open market.

All who completed the entire test was challenged with a slogan contest where they could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The challenge was to describe the app for a friend with a maximum of ten words.

A jury of four people have participated in the evaluation of the proposals and the winning slogan is: "Easy and Secure! Keep track of the trackers'

The contribution was submitted by Lena Svensson in Broby. She has been contacted personally and will receive her prize shortly.