SRT department day

Division Day between SRT & CDT

Published: 24 March 2015

March 24, there was a LTU division day between the research area Computer Science and CDT.

The division day took place in Piteå at the hotel and conference place named Furunäshotellet (the Furunäs hotel).

During the day there was time to present different CDT and SRT projects like My Privacy Flag, Organicity and Genovate. Moreover, the soon to be CEO of CDT, Anders Lundkvist, presented himself.

Anders is at the moment CEO of Arctic Group, a consultancy agency working in the area of IT solutions for customs administrations and  telecom operators, among other things.

Anders will start at CDT in June. Until then, Karl Andersson is responsable for CDT.

DV Division Day

09.15 Coffee

09.45 Intro organisational groups + new staff

10.00 Division meeting

10.30 Research - 10 min. presentations
- OrganiCity (Marita), OPTI (Arne), MyPrivacyFlag (Anna), Genovate (Paula), “My activities” (Evgeny), ForgetIT och DuraArK (Jörgen), IoT (Anders), Rekrytering av kvinnor (till Y, D, Di) (Peter), SIP IoT + MIKT (Christer), Personal cloud (Johan K)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Education - Program presentations (x2), discussions

14.30 Coffee

15.00 Activity

16.00 Return to Luleå/Skellefteå