Marita Holst
Marita Holst, project manager for Botnia Living Lab. Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Unique test environment for mobile services

Published: 31 March 2015

Botnia Living Lab at Luleå University of Technology is a unique test environment that offers companies, researchers and authorities usability testing of new products and services for the mobile phone and the computer. For example, the test results are invaluable information for companies that are about to launch new products.

In the development project Mobile Shield, which is financed by the EU initiative EIT ICT Labs, the security company F-Secure tests new apps that will protect your mobile phone from intrusion and virus attacks and unwanted tracking. Botnia Living Lab conducts tests based on a well-established concept based on research carried out at Luleå University of Technology in the field of Digital Service Innovation. The tests contain hands-on activities with potential users in everyday situations, surveys, interviews and focus group discussions. An extensive network with a variety of test pilots in different customer segments have been built up, which increases the credibility of the test results.

– The research and the methods we use in Botnia Living Lab's tests, have established us at the EU level and today we are invited to participate in various projects all the time, says Marita Holst, project manager at the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, who manages the project.

Tests for better products

The user's experiences of a new service often gives companies unprecedented insights that can be used to produce a better product. Botnia Living Lab works with user testing in areas such as mobile and computer security, energy efficiency, health and lifestyle, sports and culture, mobile media and smart cities. Focus is on the end user experience of technology and new business models for mobile services and products, but also on the identification of the user's needs and to apply these needs already in the design stage of a product or service.

Text: Åsa Svedjeholm


Marita Holst

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