A new project: Winter Ride!

Published: 9 April 2015

The new CDT Project "Winter Ride!" shall, by a feasibility study, work towards that more people should be able to use the bike during winter.

The project is a cooperation with Luleå municipality and the aim is to promote public health and improve the environment in Luleå city by increasing bicycle use in the winter. This will be done with the help of a new IT-based services through a pilot study. In it, we will develop a concept for how we can transfer knowledge about road conditions on bicycle paths from Luleå management to cyclists. In this way we hope to make it easier to select the cycle instead of the car in the winter. The project also hopes to enable user participation in the form of feedback regarding the day's cycling, create motivating contests between cyclists and other initiatives. Because if we can increase cycling by 20%, society can save up to 2 billion SEK annually!