Privacy Flag

New project will enhance privacy protection

Published: 14 October 2015

The project My Privacy Flag aims to protect citizens' privacy with user-friendly tools for interaction with websites, smartphone applications and the Internet of Things.

Marita Holst, project manager at CDT and part of the project says: "Today, private data can be retrieved without the owner knowledge and privacy norms are perceived as complex by many citizens. The My Privacy Flag project will contribute to help to better protect citizens’ rights and interests regarding their data. The project will research and combine the potential of crowdsourcing, ICT technologies and legal expertise to protect citizens’ privacy when visiting websites, using smartphone applications, or living in a smart city. It will enable citizens to monitor and control their privacy with a user friendly solution made available as a smart phone application, a web browser add-on, and a public website, all connected to a shared knowledge database."

My Pricavy Flag is a European Research project that combines technological and legal expertise. It will develop crowdsourcing-based solutions enabling end-users to better protect their privacy.

My Privacy Flag is building a global knowledge database of identified privacy risks, together with online services to support companies and other stakeholders in becoming privacy-friendly.

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