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Smarta Hållbara Byar
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Smart Sustainable Villages Pilot Tests

Published: 1 March 2019

CDT has been granted a new project named Smart Sustainable Villages - Pilot Tests.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Jordbruksverkets Landsbygdsprogram) has granted 9.6 million SEK for a pilot project with the purpose of carrying out pilot tests of new digital solutions for service points in villages in Norrbotten.
Project owners are Luleå University of Technology and pilot tests will be carried out in collaboration with municipalities and regional actors such as Region Norrbotten, the County Administrative Board, Coompanion and "Hela Sverige ska leva".
The aim of the project is to create the conditions for increasing the attractiveness of the villages and at the same time implementing new digital solutions in the form of pilot tests. Within this framework, the project will focus on:
· Increased coordination of service types in public and commercial services
· Develop and test new transport and logistics solutions for increased service availability
· Support for the development of service solutions and support for maintaining service functions in vulnerable areas
· Develop collaboration between the County Administrative Board, municipalities, Region Norrbotten and the local community
· Investing in new technological, innovative solutions for improved service coordination
Upper Norrland is one of the EU's most sparsely populated areas, which means that residents of Norrbotten have long distances to commercial and public service and other social and business services. Today, the number of physical service points in Norrbotten is few and in almost all municipalities there are missing service points that offer digital service solutions.
Norrbotten's rural areas, however, have good prospects for developing through better coordination of social services for increased efficiency and management of resources. Together with digital communication and a functioning transport system, this is of the utmost importance in order for more people to want to settle in the countryside.
The project will run until June 2021.
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