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Support in innovation development

Published: 24 November 2021

Developing new products can often take a long time and involve great uncertainty. LTU Business has expertise in innovation management and business development and can offer business consulting to companies that want to develop.

Develop and commercialize ideas
One of those who works at LTU Business is Sandra Uddeskär. As a business developer, she is part of the team for Innovation Management where she helps researchers, employees and students at Luleå University of Technology, as well as small and medium-sized companies to develop and commercialize their ideas.

Sandra says:
- Our methods can help companies with many different things, depending on where they are. It can be anything from improving processes to reducing costs or going from strategy to concrete sales in a specific market.

Sandra holds a Master of Science in Product Design and has previously worked with product development and project management in global companies in industries such as IKEA.

One of the companies that Sandra has recently worked with is Optimation. They are a Luleå-based supplier of advanced vision-based measurement technology with the process industry as the main market. The company, formerly known as MBV Systems, is in the process of reorganizing its operations. Through an AI project at Luleå University of Technology, they have now received advice from LTU Business on their innovation strategy. Among other things, an external monitoring has been carried out to see what is happening in the industry as a whole and to develop their future offering.

Find new industries for old deals
According to Sandra, there is a lot of money to both earn and save for companies by taking the right step forward. For example, it could be about looking at existing products or services and finding new industries to launch. To get support and guidance, Sandra believes that more companies should do. It can be about everything from a completely new idea and innovation development to finding new opportunities based on current offers.

Sandra says:
- Optimization has done exactly the right thing.Through our Innovation Due Dilligence method, they have received support in mapping the market potential in their future business offering.

Innovation Due Dilligence is a method that has been developed by LTU Business and goes from innovation to developing a concrete business model including a price picture that the company can then go on with.

Does your company also need guidance?  
Do you need help developing ideas, bringing a product to market faster or increasing your ability to innovate? Then there are methods, tools and skills available, including via the AI project Applied AI DIH North.
Read more on LTU Business's website here: and via the AI project here: