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Empower yourself in Social Media

Published: 29 February 2016

The USEMP project is currently running a first round of user tests on a web-based tool which will empower you as a user in Social Media.

Have you ever wondered what Social Media sites use your personal information for? You have probably heard stories of people being rejected in job interviews or got into trouble because of their Facebook profile. Well, in the USEMP project we try to create a tool to help you understand what happens with your data and to help you to change or delete parts of your personal information if you feel that it should not pass through the hands of third parties.
Learn more about it by watching this film
If you would like to participate in the testing and contribute to the development of this tool, e-mail PhD student Ali Padyab at and sign up for the next round of tests. The study only requires you to test the tool and give us your feedback on it. If you want to know more about your Facebook profile, you should sign up!
**All responses are handled anonymously and used for research purposes only.**

USEMP, User Empowerment for Enhanced Online Presence Management, is a project funded by EU FP7 with the mission to raise citizens´ awareness of their digital footprint in social media and give the users´ the control of their personal data.