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Unique national datacenter is built for cloud and big data research

Published: 26 June 2015

SICS Swedish ICT and Luleå University of Technology now start building a national large-scale datacenter for research and innovation in the area of Big data and cloud, key components in the digitalization of industries and society. The facility with the name SICS ICE (Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment), is built in Luleå during the fall.

SICS Swedish ICT, in partnership with Luleå University of Technology, now starts the first phase of the national large-scale datacenter facility for testing and experimentation of big data and cloud technologies. The datacenter is known by the name SICS ICE (Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment). The objective of the project is to support all universities and industry in Sweden with a large-scale datacenter infrastructure and cloud facility for research, test and demonstration. The city of Luleå, the county council and the county administrative board of Norrbotten are supporting the initiative.

Facility for research and experiment

High performance and energy efficient software, hardware and infrastructure technologies are needed for sustainable growth. Increased competence and number of resources are needed in a growing industry leading to a need for increased and improved research and innovation. Top-level international research needs improved conditions for large-scale experiments of infrastructure and cloud technologies

An unique experimental facility is a basic condition to enable establishment of Sweden as a long-term leading nation of digitalization, operations of datacenters, product and service innovation, national industry growth and increased competence.


The ongoing digitalization of our industries and society, the new industrialization phase, relies on a couple of fundamental areas like data collection (IoT), networking (5G), data processing (Cloud), and knowledge extraction (Big Data). A common component is the datacenter infrastructure.

Because of the increasing digitalization (growth of ICT use) the amount of data and data processing increases. It requires establishment of a large amount of new data centers world-wide until 2020. The data is handled in super large (web-scale IT) datacenters with advanced data processing software and hardware supported by a sophisticated energy supply system.

The unique Swedish conditions, for example fiber capacity, positive energy balance and hydropower in the north and a cold climate, can be used for sustainable operations of these datacenters for global needs. Sweden can build a large national industry for datacenter operations i.e. a home market. Based on this home market our Swedish companies can build a strong export industry of datacenter infrastructure as well as Big Data and web application products and services.

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Tor Björn Minde, project manager

SICS Swedish ICT

Photo: Joakim Syk, Creative Commons