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Discover what is offered by your local shops - and on campus!

Published: 4 December 2018

Smartbuy is a prototype of a mobile app we are testing to help you find a wider range of local stores, products and services just around the corner. You can have a look at the products in the stores near you and then you will be guided to the physical store where you carry out the purchase over the counter. In a simple way, you can discover new products and services from your couch at home. When you visit the store, you have the opportunity to discover other offers and you will receive personalized service. In addition, you also support your local shop owners!

The app

Right now we have several stores in Luleå, Boden and Skellefteå, showing some of their products using Smartbuy as a part of a test. The stores that are included in the Smartbuy app are local, usually smaller stores with limited marketing resources in comparison to larger chains. In the app you will find classic products and souvenirs from Norrland, food and other fun items. Take the chance to find something unique - maybe a nice gift to a friend or why not look for inspiration for Christmas gifts!

The SmartBuy app helps you find your new favorite products and services near you. Download the SmartBuy app and try! The app can be found in Appstore for an iPhone and in Google Play if you have an Android phone. Of course, it is free to download and use.

Smartbuy at LTU

The university's LTU Gift Shop is of course part of the project! Now we also want to bring you students and employees at LTU into this European Innovation Project! If you for example wonder what they have in the gift shop over in B-building, use the app as a first visit. First search in the app to get a sneak peek of what the store has to offer. In the app you will also find Uni:k Original Café and Teknikens Hus from the campus area!

A European cooperation

It's not always one can contribute to research and innovation by shopping, but now you have the opportunity! Smartbuy is a project funded by the European Union's research and innovation program Horizon 2020. The team in the Smartbuy project consists of members with extensive experience from different parts of Europe, and the project is led by Luleå University of Technology. We are testing the Smartbuy system also in Greece, Spain and England!

More info

In order not to miss any news from Smartbuy, be sure to follow us on Facebook (Smartbuy Norr). More information about the project can also be found at .