DIECOND - Prediction of tool condition at presshardening

Published: 10 March 2015

The goal is to develop methods and models for the prediction of tool condition in the press hardening process. The expected results are a methodology for the prediction of tool wear and maintenance needs that can be used early in the product development process, evaluation of different tools improvements to reduce wear and galling at high temperatures and a method for measuring product geometry and tool condition in real time. The aim is to reduce the need for maintenance, improved quality and increased productivity in the press hardening process.

Participating partners

Gestamp Hardtech, Swerea / IVF, Volvo Car Corporation. Luleå University (topic Solid Mechanics) is an academic partner in the project.

Funding organisation



2014-10-01 to 2017-09-30


Total grant from VINNOVA: SEK 4098000

LTU share: SEK 2723452


Mats Oldenburg