DSP tensile test at Complab Solid Mechanics

Laboratory Resources in CHS and LTU

Published: 20 May 2011

CHS has a close cooperation with four laboratories at LTU. Complab Solid Mechanics, Tribolab, Complab Structural Engineering and Materials lab

Three point fatique testing at Complab Solid Mechanics

Complab Solid Mechanics

Fatigue tests
Tensile testing
High-speed tensile tests (20m / s at 100kN)
Compressed air gun (300 m / s)
Split-hopkinsson Bar
Powder Compaction
Fracture mechanical testing
Measurement of displacement, force, strain, temperature, etc.

Test rig for friction and wear at Tribolab LTU


Friction and wear testing
Tribological failure analysis
Lubricant Testing

Test rig at Complab LTU

Complab Structural Engineering

Mechanical testing of steel, wood and concrete.
Rock mechanical testing
Geotechnical testing
Measurement of field
Analyses and investigations

Microstructure image

Materials Lab

Material analysis
Impact Testing
Hardness Testing
SEM (scanning electron microscopy)

Microstructure Analysis
Phase analysis
Fracture analysis