Published: 2 May 2014

Within the Swedish industry, many companies have begun to consider maintenance as a value creation process. Maintenance activities have been to the management level so that the long term competitiveness secured claim and thus maintenance is no longer as a necessary evil.


Good strategies for maintenance are used to extend the value of investments already made. This will ultimately have a positive impact on energy use, long-term environmental conduct, safety and resource consumption.

Representatives ofindustrial enterprises, government and industry organizations are seeing a need for a neutral platform for R&I collaboration in the operation and maintenance area. There is also a great need to continue to develop maintenance as an academic field to find effective methods and strategies.

Center for Maintenance and Industrial Services (CMIS) conducts within the field of maintenance coordinated capacity building, applied research and development on a recognized international level focusing on economics, organization and new technology to improve efficiency and development of facilities, industrial systems and products. This is achieved through active collaboration between participating universities / colleges, industry and organizations. Projects and activities conducted within CMIS should be well anchored with stakeholders and have the goal of solving concrete problems and promote long-term capacity building.

The purpose of CMIS is to:


  • Identify, formulate and solve current and future challenges in maintenance
  • Facilitate cooperation and exchange of experience and to create business opportunities between stakeholders
  • Demonstrate that maintenance creates value in the business
  • Raise the level of competence for CMIS stakeholders and thereby enhance long-term knowledge-building within maintenance.