Center for Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Published: 7 October 2008

CRR is a research center at Luleå University and belongs organizationally to the Department of Planning. Contractors in the CRR are members of the Steering Committee: Lennart Elfgren, Luleå University Ove Bucht, Banverket Per-Ulf Sandstrom, Boden Magnus Forsberg, LKAB Staffan Åsén, the County Board of Norrbotten Gun Berglund, SSAB Urban Norstedt, Vattenfall Hydropower Tomas Ölvebring, SRA Region North Hakan Alm, Luleå University of Milan Veljkovic, LTU Roger Kempainen, Association of Norrbotten Johan Sjökvist, Norrbotten County Council.

CRR involved in education and research and development projects in risk and crisis management. Our work includes the:

  • Identify and analyse risks in Technical / social systems
  • Manage and preventive work with identified risks
  • Learning from experience of incidents / accidents

CRR is run in collaboration with municipal and state authorities in the county and representatives of utilities. The center will be a center of excellence and a think tank where academic, community and business meet.