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FIA, Future Innovative Work Practices in health care in the home

Published: 15 March 2012

The objective of the FIA is to establish a unique distance-spanning working model for the future of health care by introducing new technologies and working methods at an entire medical centre (Björknäs medical centre in the municipality of Boden) with ancillary elderly accommodation (Ågård and Å-Center) and the Kvarnängen home help services group.


One very important purpose from a patient perspective is also to create work methods and solutions that lead to patients and their next of kin experiencing health care as more accessible than is the case today. The work model is designed and developed based on a service platform which has been developed by a supplier consortium consisting of regional and national companies. All development work is carried out in close collaboration with IT companies, business professionals from health care and elderly care, and researchers at the Nursing Department for Health Science and, Entrepreneurship at the Department of Industrial Economics and Social Sciences. The research in the project is aimed at validating distance-spanning solutions in the home.

The ambition is to produce a unique approach consisting of products and services that can be commercialised on a national and international market, which in turn creates the conditions for regional growth and job creation at the same time as accessibility, safety, quality and efficiency in health care is improved, and also that the cooperation between the participating parties is strengthened and safeguarded. In this way, crucial steps can be taken to establish Norrbotten as a leading centre in the e-health field, focusing on distance-spanning solutions for care in the home. In addition to increased health-care quality with increased influence and accessibility of care for patients, the project is working actively to lower costs for health care services at home and increase the attractiveness and work satisfaction for the staff.

Field tests are being conducted in the following areas of specialisation: Clinic-specific services for My healthcare contacts for easier access and more active patient involvement in the care process. Mobile team collaboration between district nurses and home help services including increased diagnostics work at home. Mobile application for the secure dispensing of medication in nursing homes. Coordinated distance care planning. Specialist consultations via video conferencing between primary and specialist care.

Project end date is 2012-01-32.