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Published: 19 March 2012

The MyHealth@Age project developed services and products that actively involve elderly people in their own care to become able to achieve better health, a greater sense of security and wellbeing.

The aim was to help the elderly remain healthy and prosperous so that they can take care of themselves for periods of between 3-5 years longer than what would otherwise be the case. In this way the quality of life is improved at the same time as the healthcare organizations get better conditions to provide their services.

Products and services have been developed for mobile safety alarm, prescribed self-care, and social interaction in close collaboration with elderly end-users, care staff, suppliers and researchers. The aim was that the new products and services would become important for the competitiveness of providers, growth opportunities (companies) and ability to operate on the market (organizations).

The nursing and healthcare providers involved in the Swedish field trial include the municipalities of Luleå and Boden, and the Norrbotten County Council. The Norwegian field trial were carried-out by Tromsö Kommune. The Northern Irish field trial was carried-out by Southern Health Care Trust. The project period was from January 2008 to December 2010. The Field trial period was from September 2009 to November 2010. During that time, several iterations of evaluations followed by product/service enhancements were made. Field trials involved 15 or so elderly end-users in each country and the relevant primary care and municipal care staff. A total of 15 companies and organizations were involved in the project.

MyHealth @ Age project was funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme.


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