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Plenty of ideas for cooperation in the Arctic

Published: 9 May 2019

There were many ideas on possible collaborations that came up at the first meeting in the preliminary study, Nordic Arctic Innovation Environments, NAI.
– I am very pleased and look forward to the next meeting in Oulu at the end of May, says Per Olof Egnell, head of operations at EIC, at Luleå University of Technology.

The Center for Innovation and E-Health, EIC, has been granted funding from the EU program Interreg Nord to do the study, which will investigate opportunities for collaboration in the area of health and care.

The project also includes Oulu University of Applied Science (OAMK) / Oulu Technical University, Luleå Municipality and Region Norrbotten.

The first meeting with the collaboration partners was carried out in end of april. Among other things, there was a presentation of ongoing research projects and needs, in order to find common denominators and opportunities to develop projects.

Karoliina Paalinmäki-Pakki from Oulu University told how she developed a digital virtual 360 ° environment with explanatory videos and texts of a visit to the CT for people with heart disease.

– The patient can prepare and see how it looks, she says.

To move on in the virtual display and look in the waiting room or nursing expedition, there are buttons to press in the picture.

Thanks to this preparation, the patients have lower heart rate, as fear decreases prior to the study.

– And that is important because a too high pulse makes the interpretation of the tomography more difficult, says Karoliina Paalinmäki-Pakki.

Ulrik Röijezon, assistant professor of physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology, would like to proceed with research on the elderly who fall at home.

– It has been possible to see that it happens more often during the dark season, even indoors. There you can see a connection to the Arctic as it is about seasons. It would be interesting to see if the cases decrease if one changes the lighting in the homes of the elderly. I see collaboration opportunities where we can get a lot of data, he says.

Maria Jansson, project manager for the preliminary study, summarized the day and said that it is important to find common issues for the possibility of applying for funds for continued studies after the preliminary study.

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