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Photo: Ida Määttä
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Ethical Issues in the Use of ICT

Published: 2 October 2017

The RemoAge project tests and implements several services that include the use of different ICT applications and tools to support vulnerable older people. In the planning and discussions that took place in the process of writing the proposal for the project ethical issues related to the implementation of the services in the different national contexts were discussed and considered very important to evaluate and learn more about.

Assistive technology and ICT based services are often promoted as means of retaining autonomy and quality of life for older people, including people with dementia, and enable older people to continue to live in their own home. At the same time there are also several risks identified that could create ethical issues for the individual. Part of the process of focusing on ethical issues was to review existing research and this is a summary report describing the findings and conclusions from the review of literature.