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Distance care - an opportunity in the ArcticSom en del i den förstudie som görs inom Nordiska arktis

Published: 2 September 2019

As part of the feasibility study conducted in the Nordic Arctic innovation environments, the collaborating parties have visited Glesbygdsmedicinskt center (GMC) in Storuman. Among other things, they saw a so-called community room, where there are several techniques for the patients themselves to be able to do everything from different kind of tests to visiting a doctor remotely.

It was at the end of August that the parties in NAI visited GMC, which is a research and development unit within primary care in the Västerbotten region. The purpose was to take part in the activities and explore future collaboration opportunities.

Pia Kristiansson, as acting head of operations, told about the center's operations. There are 15 employees, funded by base grants from the region, but mainly by project grants from the EU.

During the day, some of the research and development projects conducted at GMC were also presented.

Lina Ärlebrant told about the project SOS 1.0 - Simulation Support Optimization of Service Chains in specialist, primary and home health care. The project builds models of care chains based on what the reality looks like. The goal is to be able to do simulations to see how changes affect the care chain.

The group also visited the community room that is located at the hospital in Storuman. Similar are also found in other places i Västerbotten. In the community rooms, several techniques are combined where patients can, among other things, take samples or have contact with a doctor remotely. Partnerships are also underway with Uppsala and Umeå University to develop new technology so that patients can do even more things in distance