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EIC’s vision

Published: 25 April 2012

The structure of the Centre lays the foundation for a competitive, internationally ranked innovation system in the region. There are good conditions here for specialisation and renewal of the county’s business world. Our health care providers should be provided with good conditions for delivering good health care, while the university’s competitiveness and profiling are strengthened.

The structure of the Centre leads to growth both through new services and products and through new, growing enterprises, as well as through strengthening competitiveness and contributing to increased skills supply for established ventures in the region’s business world.

The structure of the Centre involves Norrbotten health care being established as an attractive environment for both researchers and highly qualified specialist staff. The county is being positioned as a leader in a rapidly growing area of policy and growth.

The role of the structure of the Centre is to bring partners together into joint ventures where needs and new solutions are identified and prioritised. It’s a question of creating fruitful collaboration between the university, research, society, and business. Collaboration must also take place with other parties to the agreement.