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Rewarded with award for her research

Published: 16 November 2015

During the Academic ceremony on Saturday, doctoral Sofi Nordmark received a scholarship in memory of Elizabeth Holmgren. The scholarship recognizes her research on communication and collaboration between various caregivers at discharge process, with a focus on secure information exchange.

– It warms my heart extra good because I received this appreciation from my employer, who has paid attention to the work I've done and the benefits my work can bring to patient care, says Sofi Nordmark, PhD student in Nursing at Luleå University of Technlogy.

The process needs to be normalized

Sofi Nordmark begun her work as a researcher in 2009 at Luleå University of Technology, but has previously worked as a nurse and sha also holds a position as business developer at Norrbotten County Council's IT department. Since then she has participated in projects such as the Future innovative approaches, FIA, in collaboration with health-care professionals, patients and providers developed new methods and products for better health and social care in the home. There she was working in the part of the project that  coordinated care planning and development. Problem areas were mapped, technical solutions developed and tested over a 1,5 year period. Videoconferencing was one part that was tested as an alternative form of meeting at coordinated care conferences.

Sofi Normark research shows that nurses, district nurses and administrators have a common understanding of how coordinated care planning process looks and its values ​​and objectives, but lacks consensus on how to implement the process and who does what.

 – After twenty years, the process is still not normalized in everyday work. We can facilitate cooperation between healthcare providers with the help of ICT, but there are obstacles and opportunities at individual, group and management level that needs more work to ensure the patient's care when moving between health care providers, inspire confidence and be of high quality.

Local and national impact

Her research has madean imprint both nationally and locally. In Norrbotten, video conferencing are, to some extent, being used as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.
Nationally, her research has been the basis for a forthcoming legislative proposals scheduled to enter into force on July 1 next year. Ministry of Social Affairs has reviewed the existing legislation in terms of coordination and legislation. The two working groups, cohesive journaling and municipal liability for certain health care, has taken part of her research for the design of the legislative proposal.

Combination in time

On March 18, Sofi Nordmark will defend her thesis of Information and collaboration at coordinated care planning – nurses, district nurses and administrator's experiences before and after the development and implementation of ICT.

– It has been a bumpy but fun ride. I'm passionate about development and hopefully there is opportunity for further research in any form. The combination of a nursing background and IT expertise is very inspiring and right in time.

Annual scholarship

The County Council of Norrbotten has established an annual scholarship in memory of Elisabeth Holmgren. As the County Council, she worked to build bridges between academia and the County Council's activities of improvement in areas of knowledge, education and research. The purpose of this scholarship is to stimulate knowledge development in collaboration between the County Council of Norrbotten and Luleå University of Technology. The scholarship is SEK 25 000.

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