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För forskare
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For the academy

Published: 18 April 2018

The project provides the opportunity to create more research and development projects, real-world education, disseminate knowledge and increase world-wide knowledge.

Researchers and research students need to get closer to companies, care and health care staff as well as patients and individuals. Through the collaborative environment, they can jointly create more research and development projects, and provide opportunities for creating even more real-world education, and disseminate knowledge as well as increase world-wide knowledge.

You have access to both professional testing and research labs and access to operational care and health care services as well as companies. The project provides a complete infrastructure for cooperation between participating parties.

Researchers are offered:

  • Needs inventions and participation in seminars about digitization and its opportunities in care and health care.
  • Support and participation in applications for regional and national development funds.
  • Testing / Use / Evaluation Testing environments for accommodations and labs for new eHealth and welfare technology solutions
  • Co-operation platform for society, companies and research with an infrastructure for collaboration.
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