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The projects goal

The overall objective of the project is to increase collaboration between companies, care and health care, users and patients as well as researchers in order to develop innovative, demand-driven products and services for the care and health care market needs.

  • Several of the region's stakeholders, academics, healthcare and care, must have begun cooperating in the development of healthcare products and services and care. The goal is that small and midsizes companies can develop, test and verify its solutions in close cooperation with end users. The companies should also be able to acquire the needs and knowledge of the entire care and health care process through the interaction environment - knowledge needed to be able to produce and deliver relevant, demand-driven products or services.
  • Contribute to evidence-based practice by enabling close collaboration between business, universities, R & D environments, health professionals, users and relatives in the process of development, testing and implementation.

Intermediate goals:

  • Create a natural collaboration environment and meeting place where companies turn to cooperate with end users who can be both healthcare professionals, individuals, patients, users and relatives as well as researchers.
  • Create a meeting place for companies and researchers so that they can interact and find technologies with high innovation levels.
  • The form for a test and demonstration environment shall be investigated and set for testing and demonstration.
  • Most municipalities in the region should be connected to the cooperation environment.
  • A structured process for systematic needs analysis, and the needs of healthcare providers, as well as industry, have been identified and well documented.
  • Joint development and research projects are planned and implemented.
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