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Successful premiere in Skellefteå

Published: 14 September 2017

It was crowded at the premiere of the University Presents in Skellefteå. More than 100 people had come to listen to lectures on how new digital technology will change the future care.

The University Presents is a new series of lectures held by Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå, with the purpose to strengthen its presence in the region and increase accessibility to the knowledge that the university produces. The lectures are free and held at The Great Northern.

On Wednesday's premiere, Per-Olof Egnell from the university's eHealth Innovation Centre talked about what changes the care requires in the future. Stefan Sävenstedt, Professor of Nursing, spoke of "Digitization in Care, Danger or Opportunity?".

Large audience

The audience who had come to The Great Northern included active politicians, employees in the healthcare sector and pensioners. The couple Gunhild and Rolf Olofsson from Boviksön thought it was interesting to hear more about technology development and that in the future there is a possibility of different care.

Nurse Anita Lundberg from the municipality of Skellefteå, noted that future technology could provide an increased security for the elderly in their homes.

– It's nice to know that they are doing well.

The two upcoming lectures will be held October 18 and November 16 (more information below).

– The open lectures is a way to let the public in Skellefteå learn more on the latest research from the university, says Robert Brännström, the Vice-Chancellor's advisor in Skellefteå.