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60 million for railway research

Published: 4 December 2015

Trafikverket and the railway industry give Luleå University of Technology, new confidence when it comes to research and innovation in the field of reliability and maintenance. The cooperation, is financed by Trafikverket with twelve million per year for five years.

- Luleå University of Technology, and specifically JVTC has for years demonstrated an ability to derive interesting research of a high international standard in this area and we want to continue to contribute to this work, says Sven Odeen, Head of Department of Rail Systems at the Swedish Transport Administration and director of JVTC.

The research, within the framework of the new cooperation agreement, will focus on railways challenges and demands for better maintenance of. Transport Administration has a strong focus on developing the maintenance of rail infrastructure and hope that an increase in cooperation with Luleå University of Technology will lead to even more research into practice.

- Digitization, the capacity and the railway system reliability and disaster recovery capability for interference, should be the guiding principles in the work of the new framework agreement, says Rune Lindberg, Chairman of JVTC.

60 milj till järnvägsforskn

The railway's challenges and demands for better maintenance of this cooperation between the Swedish Transport Administration and Luleå University, will continue within the framework of the new cooperation agreement.

- We feel a great responsibility to live up to expectations both on the national and international arena, says Professor Uday Kumar who is also the director of JVTC.

The cooperation is based on a mutual understanding of the skills, needs and opportunities. The continued cooperation will contribute to the development, innovation and demonstration of enhanced skills.



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