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Innovators outside academia are essential players

Published: 16 September 2013

Smart, ecological and socially sustainable transportation systems that will provide more benefit for the money. Here the focus is on the development of research and innovation Sustainable transport led by Professor Uday Kumar. A roadmap for vision and objectives for the development of sustainable transport defined is about to be developed.

- Increased mobility and intelligent transportation system to meet changes in society, while the systems are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable impact on the development of society greatly, says Uday Kumar.

We will build a new field based on the strengths we have and then find additional areas where we will support the development and contribute to our ability to develop future sustainable transport by the strategy we develop.

The management team that is in the development of sustainable transport is, except Uday Kumar also Deputy Scientific Leader John Casselgren and Professor Roland Larsson, both from TVM and Veronica Hunter, operations manager for Railway Research Centre and Professor Sven Knutsson, Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering. It has also been linked to a reference group with representatives from Vinnova, the Swedish Transport Administration and local innovators.

- To have innovators outside of academia is important, they can often identify new needs very early and it is important for us, says Uday Kumar.