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Professor Uday Kumar raises the glass at Luleå University of Technology for the new laboratory in Kiruna and LKAB director Markus Petäjäniemi and others participates on link.

New High-tech lab for industry

Published: 23 September 2013

In the end of 2012 eMaintenance lab was inaugurated at Luleå University of Technology and on Friday a similar lab was inaugurated in Kiruna. Nowhere else in the world there is such a venture. It is headed by Luleå University of Technology in close cooperation with LKAB with multiple partners. The initiative involves both research and education, and testing.

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- It is important to find a way to improve maintenance and eMaintenance Lab will be able to help, that we can have even a better control, says Markus Petäjäniemi, Director of Production & Logistics at LKAB, who inaugurated the new lab in Kiruna.

After a preliminary study that LTU has done in collaboration with the IT company BnearIT a unique and broad investment in maintenance has been a reality.

- This confirms our leading position in the mining and mineral processing, says Ramin Karim,  assistant professor of operations and maintenance at Luleå University of Technology, responsible for the feasibility study.

Cheers to eMaintenance Lab in Kiruna
A fourfold toast to eMaintenance Lab in Kiruna.

On Friday the second eMaintenance lab in Kiruna was inaugurated. In interaction with the university lab in Luleå it can be a powerful resource in different maintenance efforts to broad benefits for Swedish industry.

- Everyone who works with maintenance know that it is an information-driven process. We have a lot of information and want to take a correct decision in which many stakeholders are involved. eMaintenance Lab makes it easy and the lab will be an important part of research and education, says Uday Kumar, Professor of Operations and Maintenance engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

The initiative includes training for different target groups, such as certifications for maintenance personnel at LKAB and including college and graduate studies as well as secondary and Vocational Education. In the research section, where Luleå University of Technology intends to place more PhD students in Kiruna, new knowledge is to be applied in such areas as reliability, longevity, life cycle costs, condition monitoring, etc. And with the lab using various research findings are tested and the results are used by industry and academia.

The initiative funded by Luleå University of Technology, LKAB, MTAB, Lapland municipal, ProcessIT, SAAB Aerotech, Swedish Transport Administration and others.