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Board and Management

Published: 10 June 2016

JVTC has a virtual organization that spreads like an umbrella across the university's departments. The purpose of a virtual organization is that all issues in the rail sector to and from LTU will be channeled through JVTC. Since it is placed directly under the chancellor, JVTC becomes a neutral platform. JVTC´s stakeholders consists of members and departments at LTU. Together with its stakeholders and callaboration partners, JVTC a unique development platform for operation and maintenance issues for the rail sector.

The JVTC board: 
Sven Ödeén,Trafikverket, ordförande
Anders Ahlquist, Vossloh Nordic Swith Systems AB
Anders Edin, Infranord AB
Anna-Karin Ylivainio, LKAB
Birgitta Olofsson, Tyréns AB
Elisabet Kassfeldt, LTU
Johan Svanberg, Bane NOR
Thomas Blanksvärd, LTU
Susanne Rymell, SJ AB

Sebastian Stichel, KTH Järnvägsgruppen
Anders Ekberg, Chalmers, Charmec

Director: Dr Uday Kumar, Professor Operation and maintenance engineering, LTU

Deputy Director: Veronica Jägare, LTU