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Strategic Research and Innovation Programs

The strategic focus of the railway research and innovation programs is to develop new tools, methods and models that will facilitate innovative solutions in order to improve and strengthen the railway system.

The strategic focus of the research programs is to ensure increased availability, capacity, safety and sustainability of the railway network and rolling stocks by effective operation and maintenance.

Considerable research is being undertaken to study the track maintenance and renewal issues with focus on grinding, lubrication, maintenance strategies and track degradation. 

Supportive technologies and solutions are being utilized together with strong domain knowledge, in order to build optimizing technologies and solutions for operation and maintenance. By applying transformative technologies, the aim is to ensure increased availability, capacity, safety and sustainability of the railway network and rolling stocks.

Areas included in the JVTC R&I Programs have the objective of finding answers to the main research question: How to estimate the remaining useful life of railway components and systems in a specific operating condition? This will facilitate development of predictive technologies and solutions for the railway sector and will facilitate correct decision-making leading to effective and efficient maintenance planning. The transformative technologies will also facilitate finding the answer to the question “What is to be done, how should it be done and who should do it?”. It will facilitate development of prescriptive analytics and tools, which will ultimately facilitate optimized maintenance resource allocation and maintenance task execution.

JVTC Engineering and Management Programs describe JVTC’s areas of excellence needed to solve the challenges in the railway industry. Providing competence to the programs is ensured through education and research at LTU.


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