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Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor (BGLC)

Publicerad: 13 juni 2016

Sponsors: Baltic Sea Region, The Bothanian Corridor
Researchers: Ulla Juntti & Uday Kumar
Duration: 2011 – 2014

The aim of the project is to present quantifiable, green, resource-efficient and reliable transport solutions that meet the needs of the future.
To apply the Green Corridor concepts in multi-modal logistic chains by improvements in freight hubs and terminals including dry ports, along the Bothnian Corridor and its extension in north-south and east-west directions (WP3)

To highlight solutions to cross border obstacles in the Bothnian Corridor transport system. (WP3)

To pilot greening of transports and improved transport business development for selected types of cargo along the Bothnian Corridor and its extensions. (WP4)
To study the impact of the Bothnian Corridor infrastructure on industry and regional economic growth. (WP5)

To establish a network for logistics stakeholders collaboration for further improvement and
optimized use of the Bothnian Corridor transport system and develop a Bothnian Green Transport Strategy. (WP6)