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Other equipment

Published: 10 April 2017

Equipment and measurement systems that are connected to Testbed Railway

eMaintenance drones are part of tools and services provided eMaintenance LAB, which are aimed for research activities related to topics such as remote maintenance, condition monitoring, remote inspection, safety, and security.

Track Logger is a portable logger to be installed on any railway vehicle and that scans the rail for imperfections by using accelerometers on axle bearings. The Track Logger is an equipment provided by Damill AB.

S&C Vision Logger is a camera surveillance system installed in the catenary system above special track components such as switches. Images in real time for condition monitoring check of snow conditions and to be used by the corrective maintenance personnel before driving out to the site to repair, in order to take the right spare parts, equipment and right personnel with right competence to repair the failure. The Vision Logger is an equipment provided by Damill AB.

A Top-Of-Rail lubrication unit has been installed in the research corridor to perform research in the area of rail contact band friction management. The unit is powered by wind and solar energy and can be programmed to apply different amounts of fric­tion modifiers to investigate the effect on eg. friction forces, wear and noise & vibrations.